NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.

NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.

Consulting and Software Development

We are a Japanese software company founded in 1982, comprised of about 100 experts of mathematical science.

Here are some of the subjects of our recent projects. As you see, they are very diverse in the fields and the technologies employed.

  • Optimize the production plan for a new smart factory
  • Update the existing credit model with the latest technologies
  • Arrange biological data for machine learning and visualization
  • Create a new middleware for a quantum computer
  • Enable process simulation and GPU acceleration
  • Create a search engine that responds to ambiguous phrases
  • Add functions to programs that have been maintained for 30 years
  • Implement anomaly detection engine to embedded system
  • Improve the accuracy of image processing by 5%

Today's 'AI' is powered by mathematical science, which we have been engaged in for a few decades. Not a single method can address all the broad problems originated from current digitalized world.
To achieve the desired goal with sufficient precision, we need to choose the proper mathematical model and algorithm for each customer's problem.

We are always customer oriented and never stick to novel techniques.
Instead, we serve you as a 'curator' of mathematical science and are proud to offer you the right solution through our consulting and software development projects.